E-commerce and delivery platform

Product description

This platform allows for an optimised operational management, letting you control the activity of deliveries and collections for products and services. This platform is also a commercial support for company activity, as it allows the drivers/technicians to act as the first line of advertising for the company. The platform is composed of 4 interfaces, which include two APPs, the Client App and the Pilot App, and two web interfaces, one for BackOffice and one for Front-Office.
In BackOffice, there is complete internal management of the register of customers, available services and products and everything involved in the commercial process.
The Front-Office designated by the store will be available online, enabling account creation where the client can learn about products and services while also placing orders.
The customer app lets the customer do essentially the same thing as the store (FO) via mobile phone, allowing access from anywhere while also receiving notifications.
The driver app lets the driver/technician act as a delivery person, as well as a service provider and sales person.


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