Website creation

We create professional, engaging websites.

Our webmasters cover all aspects of your project’s design, development and maintenance. We’ll be here to support and advise you at every step of the way. Our teams manage your website’s creation from top to bottom (conception, web development, design, maintenance and follow-up).


Our fields of action

Here are the different types of web projects that we offer: 

Création de site vitrine
Creation of a showcase site 
Création de site dynamique
Dynamic website creation
Création de site e-commerce
Creation of an e-commerce website 
Refonte de site web
Website redesign 


Our methods 

We want to be at your side at every stage of your project, offering our help whenever we can. That's why we work in constant collaboration with you during our step-by-step process:

1. Discovery briefing

Together, we discuss your project while making a list of all the features you want and the direction you want to go in terms of design. We’ll approve this together so that the work on your website can be as smooth as possible. 

2. User Experience

Our team works to design your site’s user experience (UX design) with the aim of reducing the number of clicks it takes a visitor to go from point A to point B. To do this, our web design experts create functional models that show you the site’s user path.

3. Development & Posting Online

Once web development is finalised, we perform end-to-end user journey testing. We test the site on several browsers and all media: computers, mobile devices and tablets, etc. Once our work has been approved, we transfer over to the production server.

4. Support & Follow-up

Our website creation expert stays at your side step by step from your Back Office. Our goal? You will learn how to set up your site and modify its content (photos, video, text, articles) in order to optimise it as well as personalise it as you like. Of course, we’re also able to manage your site for you on a monthly basis.


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